Wealth Management Services To Help You Reach Your Financial Goals

Wealth management services can help you answer important life questions like, “How will I…

  • Put my children through college?
  • Pay for vacations?
  • Buy that lake house I’ve been dreaming of?
  • Host a wedding? 
  • Live day-to-day when I retire?”

Just as the goals of individuals vary, so do the paths to achieving them. Developing a plan to reach your financial goals is a complicated task. You need to zero in on your goals and put everything out on the table so a customized plan can be developed to help get you where you want to go. 

Adams Brown Wealth Consultants take a holistic approach to wealth management services, looking at all aspects of your financial health. This includes planning for your investment, retirement, education, tax, estate, succession and insurance needs. 

Choosing a wealth management service provider is deeply personal. It all starts with earning your trust and providing the information, guidance and planning strategies needed to help meet your goals and overcome any challenges along the way. When your CPA and wealth consultant work collaboratively under one roof, you will truly receive a holistic plan for your financial future.


Meet the Team

Clark Armor
Group Benefit Plan Advisor
Steve Baumrucker
Partner & Wealth Consultant
Brenda Bickle
Chief Compliance Officer
Jude Fox
Associate Wealth Consultant
Justin Mitchell
Partner & Managing Wealth Consultant
Billy Muhizi
Associate Wealth Consultant
Grover Musser
Wealth Consultant
Jeff Smith
Wealth Consultant
Brian Staats
Registered Representative
Trent Woodcock
Wealth Consultant