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Webinar: Assessing Market Volatility and Proposed Tax Changes

As potential changes to the federal tax code and market volatility loom on the horizon, this year has started on an uncertain note for investors and taxpayers. Effective tax planning and portfolio management in 2021 call for safety and a conservative approach as investors focus on wealth preservation. 

Key Topics include:

  • Proposed changes to the estate tax
  • Proposed changes to capital gains and the corporate tax rate
  • An update on the market
  • How these factors may impact your investment strategy
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Webinar: The Ballots Are Cast.  What Can We Expect From the Market Post-Election?

Think about your financial goals for a moment. Whatever your goals may be, proper planning is key in both election years and non-election years. Regardless of the outcome of this year’s presidential election, what do the results mean for the market after the ballots are cast?

Key Topics Include:

  • The market’s current status
  • What we might be able to expect in the coming months and planning tips
  • What to expect if a new president is elected and takes office on January 20, 2021
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