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2006 Broadway Ave.
Suite 2A
P.O. Drawer J
Great Bend, Kansas 67530
Phone: (620) 792-2428
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About Great Bend (KS)

Great Bend takes pride in its historical significance and celebrates its past through various museums and landmarks. The Barton County Historical Society Museum showcases artifacts and exhibits that depict the region’s history, including its Native American roots, pioneer settlement and the growth of agriculture and industry. Visitors can explore the museum’s collections, attend educational programs and gain insight into the area’s heritage.

One of the iconic features of Great Bend is the Arkansas River which runs through the city. The river provides opportunities for outdoor recreation including fishing, boating and kayaking. The city’s Veteran’s Memorial Park offers scenic trails, picnic areas and a venue for community events and festivals. The annual Great Bend Airfest draws aviation enthusiasts from across the region, featuring aerial displays, aircraft exhibits and thrilling airshows. Additinoally, the Kansas Wetlands Education Center overlooks Cheyenne Bottoms, the largest wetland in the interior United States covering roughly 41,000 acres.