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Financial planning and investment management are important in protecting wealth and reaching personal financial goals for Kansas business owners and well-positioned individuals and families. Many hesitate to work with a financial planner because of past experiences where value and guidance were limited. You may have concerns about being sold a one-size-fits-all investment vehicle rather than a customized, holistic plan that prioritizes your immediate and long-term objectives.

In today’s world, a comprehensive financial plan must focus on you and your goals while including investment options with an acceptable risk tolerance. You should also expect regular communication with your financial advisor and ongoing check-ins to review performance, discuss ideas, and navigate changes that may impact progress toward your goals.

For this reason, working with a McPherson wealth management consultant focused on understanding individual needs, preferences, and goals is essential before determining the most effective and practical options.

Kansas Wealth Management Experience

Adams Brown Wealth Consultants is a top-rated wealth management and financial planning firm with experience helping businesses, business owners and families navigate financial and retirement planning. As true holistic advisors focused on the whole picture, we focus on protecting your wealth, working together to help achieve your goals and educating you on appropriate investment options while regularly monitoring results. Whether this is your first time seeking financial planning guidance or you are looking for a new advisor, our team stands ready to assist.

McPherson Financial Planning Services

  • Insurance & Risk Management Solutions — Help ensure your goals and wishes are met with disability income insurance, life insurance, long-term care insurance and key person insurance.
  • Personal Financial Planning & Wealth Management — Holistic financial planning can open up many possibilities now and in the future. Solutions include cash flow planning, debt management, investment solutions, retirement planning, estate planning and business succession planning.
  • Investment Services — Various investment options include bonds, stocks, exchange-traded funds, index funds, treasury bills, government securities, treasury notes and variable annuities.
  • Retirement Plans — Services range from startup, selection and implementation of a first-time plan or switching to a new provider.

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McPherson Wealth Management Advisors

About McPherson (KS)

The McPherson, Kansas, business community showcases the town’s robust economic environment and the collaborative spirit that fuels its growth. Anchored by the McPherson Chamber of Commerce, the local business landscape is a vibrant mix of over 400 member businesses spanning various retail and manufacturing industries. The Chamber serves as a pivotal hub for networking, development and advocacy while emphasizing the power of unity with the mantra “Together we are stronger. Together we are better. Together we succeed. We are McPherson.”

McPherson’s strategic location at the intersection of I-135 and U.S. 56 marks the physical heart of Kansas and symbolizes its central role in fostering an environment where businesses and community members can thrive.