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103 North Main Street
P.O. Box 864
McPherson, Kansas 67460
Phone: (620)241-2090
Fax: (620)245-0328

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About McPherson (KS)

The McPherson business community showcases the essence of a thriving small-town economic environment. The community has a robust industrial base. With manufacturing at its core, a diverse range of products from plastics and automotive parts to food processing are present in the area. McPherson’s strategic location coupled with its solid industrial presence offers businesses logistical advantages and facilitates distribution and access to broader markets.

In addition to manufacturing, McPherson benefits from a well-rounded economic landscape that includes healthcare, education and retail sectors. The local healthcare system is a critical infrastructure that supports the community’s well-being and attracts professionals to the area. Education at the K-12 level and through higher education institutions plays a pivotal role in workforce development while ensuring local businesses have access to a skilled and educated workforce.